Video: Knicks' Rasheed Wallace ejected against the Suns for yelling 'ball don't lie'

OK, now Rasheed Wallace is officially back.

In just over a minute of play Sunday afternoon, the Knicks' reserve picked up two technical fouls against the Suns and was ejected from the game.

Here's the best part: Wallace was tossed for screaming "Ball don't lie!" after Goran Dragic missed the technical free throw.

Elias says Wallace played for only 85 seconds, making it his fastest ejection ever. Guess Sheed is getting cranky in his advanced age.

The two technicals gave Wallace 317 for his career. That's a Hall of Fame stat right there.

Jeff McDonald of the San Antonio Express-News probably said it best: "Isn't Sheed getting ejected for 'Ball don't lie' a little like Urkel getting ejected for 'Did I do that?' It's his catch phrase, man."

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