GIF: Daniel Cleary pulls out tooth on bench, has same reaction as you

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One of a handful of potential slogans for this 2013-14 season might as well be "who needs teeth?" We've seen a few players doing their best amateur dentistry on the bench this season and on Saturday night Daniel Cleary joined the fun. We use the word fun loosely.

On the penalty kill against the Panthers, the Red Wings veteran did his duty and went down to block a shot. He did, blocking it with his face. After finishing the shift, he made his way to the bench and took care of the business of his tooth. He yanked it out.

Just another day at the rink, right? Well, maybe. As we all know hockey players are tough and make losing a tooth look as painful as clipping your fingernails but Cleary at least had some discomfort afterward; he gagged.

Yuck. At this point we're almost all desensitized but the difficulty Cleary has, even if minor, makes it a little tougher to watch.

It's not like Cleary was incapacitated by this, however. He did return to the game and was around for the Red Wings' 4-3 win over the Panthers.

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