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In honor of the great news this week that Google will now allow you to search animated GIFs -- and productivity everywhere dropping -- we figured we'd pay homage.

Using the search terms of NHL and also Hockey, here are the top 10 GIFs you will find. This list is completely subjective and there are hundreds more to choose from.

What a world we live in.

No. 10: Blades of Steel.

The celebration is simple. And the best part about this? The old 8-bit system doesn't even make it look like a GIF, so you can't see the point where it repeats.

Blades of Steel, you're the best.

No. 9: Wayne Gretzky's head bleeds (in NHL 94, that is)

Just as Vince Vaughn promised in Swingers he made Wayne Gretzky's head bleed in NHL 94. Lucky you, you get to see it from all angles.

But enough with the video games ...

No. 8: Punching Gary Bettman

We would never condone punching Gary Bettman in the face -- seriously, we wouldn't, so don't try it -- but for all those fans still angry at Bettman for just about everything he does, this can be some therapeutic relief.

Bettman's nose is going to be awfully black and blue when this GIF finally ends.

No. 7: Wayne Gretzky hoists the Cup

Wayne Gretzky? Great. The NHL's old Stanley Cup commercials? Great. So combine them and you have a great GIF. Why did the NHL stop making these commercials, by the way?

This GIF is especially suggested for Oilers fans who want to remember what it's like. Now they can relive it again and again.

No. 6: Scott Hartnell's hair

Flyers forward Scott Hartnell has some great hockey hair. Ocassionally it gets caught in some pretty weird -- yet hysterical -- positions like it did last season againt the Devils. Just check out this picture.

That beauty was turned into this gem of a GIF. Look at that hair bounce?

Now we get serious ...

No. 5: Braden Holtby stands tall

From last year's playoffs, Rich Peverley of the Bruins took exception to a cross-check from Capitals goalie Braden Holtby. He went for the old playground tactic of making Holtby flinch to let him know he could hurt him real bad if he wanted to. So he took his stick and swung right at Holtby.

Only Holtby didn't budge. Not at all. He stood there with his arms crossed and just watched. I don't know if he even blinked. Bluff: called, Mr. Peverley.

No. 4: Pavel Datsyuk is a magician

I think this GIF is doctored to remove Pavel Datsyuk from sight for a second, but I can't be totally sure. The guy has given us ample reason to believe he's a wizard out there.

Disappearing act aside, this guy is so good that he makes opponents crash into each other chasing him. It looks like something Kevin in Home Alone would do to get away from the bad guys.

Frankly, you could probably make a whole list just dedicated to Datsyuk.

No. 3: Alex Ovechkin tripped by blue line

This one comes from the 2011 Winter Classic in Pittsburgh between the Penguins and the Capitals.

I mean, I know the ice wasn't in great shape considering it was outdoors and all, but that's kind of embarrassing. Strike another one up for the old blue line. It has been quite good over the years at tripping players up.

No. 2: Bobby Ryan and Ryan Getzlaf hoop it up

From their great Ryan vs. Ryan battle a few years ago, it's the hula-hooping competition.

There's just something about this that makes me laugh. Perhaps it's Bobby Ryan's hoop defying the laws of gravity every second or just simply there are two NHL players in uniform having a hula-hoop comeptition with such fierce focus.

I don't know why I like this one so much but I do. I understand if you put it lower, though.

No. 1: Sedins really are twins

You're going to have a really hard time beating this one. Ever.

Just look at the synergy. I mean, I know they are twins, but my goodness. They had to have done that on purpose, right? Talked about doing it before the game just so it could be caught on camera? Then again, I don't know if you could even synchronize those moments that closely if you tried to do it on purpose.

I'm not sure what makes them so great, but GIFs can be so great.

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