VIDEO: Pascal Dupuis rips tooth out on Penguins bench

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Hockey players go through teeth in their careers like kids through candy. Sometimes they lose several at a time as Teemu Selanne did on Tuesday night. Or sometimes they loses one at a time. And remove the teeth themselves. On the bench. During a regular-season game.

Yes, hockey players are tough, you all know this. They're so tough that they can just rip out a tooth on the bench like it's not big deal and keep on playing. That's what Penguins forward Pascal Dupuis did on Wednesday night, just ripped out a tooth and handed it over to the trainer.

Usually you put your tooth under the pillow and the tooth fairy leaves some change (or maybe it's dollars these days, I'm not sure). In this case he should put it somewhere that Kris Letang can leave a lot more than a couple of dollars for Dupuis considering it was his stick that did the damage to the amateur dentist.

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