Key Stats
Vital Stats
Vertical Wingspan Draft Range
35.5 6-8.25 Mid 2nd-Late 2nd
  • Hart wasn't considered and NBA prospect coming out of high school, so his story is part of what makes college basketball so great. He'll almost certainly never been a multi-year starter in the NBA, but Hart's physical tools, coachability, willingness to be a team player and knack for making the right play make him a no-brainer second-round pick. He'll succeed no matter where he winds up playing.
  • There's something to be said for not being great at one thing but really good at nine things. Hart is that kind of player. He can rebound at a B-plus level. He can score at a B-plus level. He can run the floor, finish with contract, play help defense, move the ball, create with the dribble, work in the paint at a B-plus level. Solid, solid player, and someone who does not ever back down from a challenge.
  • He's low on weaknesses because of how well-rounded his game is. If anything, the knock on him will be how he's developed to, potentially, his peak. The kind of player he is when entering the league might be the kind of player he still is five years from now.
Career Shooting Stats
TOTAL 1464093677132651.120753238.936050072192113.2
More Stats
TOTAL 14640938125.62661.81611.1430.3194
Game Log
November 2016
11/11vs. LafayetteW 88-48236-111-60-31343302213
11/14at PurdueW 79-76378-171-37-110331102124
11/17vs. Western MichiganW 76-65354-81-25-51784202114
11/18at Wake ForestW 96-773111-146-82-21342403030
11/20at UCFW 67-57356-111-52-22351001215
11/23vs. College of CharlestonW 63-47354-72-33-429111200413
11/29at PennsylvaniaW 82-57284-71-43-32469101112
December 2016
12/03vs. Saint Joseph'sW 88-57366-103-61-2291110201216
12/06at La SalleW 89-79388-182-43-51783310121
12/10vs. Notre DameW 74-663710-143-414-14110114202137
12/13vs. TempleW 78-573410-193-83-30113113026
12/21vs. AmericanW 90-48307-142-74-41673310120
12/28vs. DePaulW 68-65368-151-68-91562200025
12/31at CreightonW 80-70347-111-33-437103403618
January 2017
01/04at ButlerL 58-66343-111-56-74483400113
01/07vs. MarquetteW 93-81348-132-51-32357301119
01/10vs. XavierW 79-54347-162-74-60665101420
01/14at St. John'sW 70-57334-132-61-22461402411
01/16vs. Seton HallW 76-46305-101-50-02243204011
01/21vs. ProvidenceW 78-683410-162-23-31564012125
01/24at MarquetteL 72-74196-102-52-44481413216
01/29vs. VirginiaW 61-59372-92-46-81342300212
February 2017
02/01at ProvidenceW 66-57376-154-51-11781312317
02/04vs. St. John'sW 92-79358-162-68-92795211626
02/07vs. GeorgetownW 75-64378-184-95-61673202025
02/11at XavierW 73-57365-121-50-00775104111
02/13at DePaulW 75-62294-92-36-71341202316
02/18at Seton HallW 92-70328-161-42-21341201219
02/22vs. ButlerL 66-74377-184-100-42461400318
02/25vs. CreightonW 79-63347-111-31-51672000016
March 2017
03/04at GeorgetownW 81-55338-154-81-21564113321
03/09at St. John'sW 108-67256-101-32-32465103015
03/10vs. Seton HallW 55-53346-132-55-728101312319
03/11vs. CreightonW 74-60369-184-87-82462300329
03/16vs. Mount St. Mary'sW 76-56295-91-20-20550312211
03/18vs. WisconsinL 62-65365-91-48-101230301519