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N/A N/A Top 3 pick
  • Ball is the most intriguing player in this draft. He's a unique player who will bring an exciting, marketable brand of basketball to wherever he lands. Simply put, he's a winner. A can't-miss type of prospect.
  • If there's one thing that makes Ball stand above others, it's that he makes everyone around him better. UCLA went from a sub-.500 team a year ago to a legit national title contender with Ball at the point. As a scorer, what remarkable about Ball is how little he misses the mark. Ball was ninth in college hoops in effective field goal percentage, and amazingly was fourth in 2-point percentage, surrounded by a bunch of big men. He intuitively understands what it means to be an efficient scorer.
  • Um, his dad? Actually, that's utterly unfair. As bombastic as LaVar Ball has shown to be, all indications are that he's raising confident, grounded children. Lonzo seems to laugh off his dad's craziest tendencies and appreciate his best attributes. As a basketball player, Lonzo's awkward shooting mechanics stand out, but when you're shooting upwards of 41 percent from three as a college freshman, there's no need to mess with it.
Career Shooting Stats
TOTAL 36126218934355.18019441.2669867.352414.6
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TOTAL 36126221662747.6661.8280.889
Game Log
November 2016
11/11vs. PacificW 119-80346-83-44-508811202119
11/13vs. NorthridgeW 102-87384-61-34-63586202513
11/17vs. San DiegoW 88-68384-111-64-61678021113
11/20vs. Long Beach StateW 114-77318-112-32-202211101220
11/24vs. PortlandW 99-77276-94-72-304411202218
11/25vs. NebraskaW 82-71305-93-50-01237510113
11/27vs. Texas A&MW 74-67366-144-90-014510131516
11/30vs. California RiversideW 98-56362-30-11-20221302315
December 2016
12/03at KentuckyW 97-92385-122-82-20667211614
12/10vs. MichiganW 102-84345-84-75-102574103319
12/14vs. Santa BarbaraW 102-62335-103-60-028107100113
12/17vs. Ohio StateW 86-73383-82-50-0189920328
12/21vs. Western MichiganW 82-68373-70-31-2145433117
12/28at OregonL 87-89385-113-81-20336310214
12/30at Oregon StateW 76-63387-144-85-80667121223
January 2017
01/05vs. CaliforniaW 81-71375-121-73-40557113214
01/08vs. StanfordW 89-75357-104-53-41568323221
01/12at ColoradoW 104-89343-62-53-30228403311
01/14at UtahW 83-82407-123-70-01568205117
01/19vs. Arizona StateW 102-80323-51-23-407712200410
01/21vs. ArizonaL 85-963710-154-80-11568312124
01/25at Southern CaliforniaL 76-84394-92-65-937104310715
February 2017
02/01at Washington StateW 95-79356-111-51-20777205314
02/04at WashingtonW 107-66317-124-74-44265214322
02/09vs. OregonW 82-79386-113-70-0011111100315
02/12vs. Oregon StateW 78-60309-122-42-32469012122
02/18vs. Southern CaliforniaW 102-70326-91-32-22688102415
02/23at Arizona StateW 87-75332-60-30-13811501234
02/25at ArizonaW 77-72355-101-50-11458302211
March 2017
03/01vs. WashingtonW 98-66308-103-40-00778214019
03/04vs. Washington StateW 77-68404-82-42-323514103312
03/09vs. Southern CaliforniaW 76-74334-102-72-20447311212
03/10at ArizonaL 75-86352-71-63-3055641248
03/17vs. Kent StateW 97-80346-72-31-20443000115
03/19vs. CincinnatiW 79-67387-104-70-01679102118
03/24at KentuckyL 75-86384-101-61-20338120410