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There are very few things more satisfying in fantasy than making a proclamation before the season that no one believes and then seeing it come true. Sure, you may be the only one that remembers it but that doesn't lessen the satisfaction.

It's a little bit different when you're putting those predictions out there for thousands of people to read. It's easy to fall into a trap of being more concerned with not being wrong and that is not how you hit on bold predictions. 

With that in mind, here are four things that I predict will happen (even though the odds say they probably won't).

Chris Davis will lead the AL in home runs and finish as a top five third baseman.

The 2014 collapse of Chris Davis is well-documented and also a bit overblown. He battled an oblique injury, his BABIP fell dramatically and he was suspended for taking a drug that he currently has a waiver to take. Give me a healthy Chris Davis, with a dose of better luck, without last year's distractions and I'll show you you a 40 home run option at a position devoid of them.

Matt Harvey will finish third in the NL Cy Young race and will be a top five starting pitcher.

Harvey hasn't pitched in a real game sine 2013 so it's easy to forget how dominant he was. At 24 years old Harvey had a 2.01 FIP, a 0.93 WHIP and struck out 191 hitters in 178 innings. This spring he's been every bit as impressive with 1 walk and 17 strikeouts in 18.2 innings. Harvey's ADP has slowly crept up but he's still a great value where he's being taken.

Alex Rodriguez will lead the Yankees in home runs.

I'm still not sure if this prediction is more because I believe in Rodriguez or an indictment of the power options in New York. Last year Brian McCann led the team with 23 home runs so it may be more the latter. Sure, Rodriguez is going to turn 40 in July, but he did hit 3 home runs in 16 spring training games. The fact that the Yankees are going to play him at DH makes me believe he can play 130-140 games and I could see him living in the 25 home range with that many at bats.

George Springer will be the biggest bust of the first three rounds.

I don't dislike Springer in the long term but I have serious concerns for 2015. Springer struck out 33% of the time before the book was out on him. If I had to bet on a sophomore slump biting someone, he'd be towards the top of my list. I also feel like he's being drafted as a major steals contributor because of his minor league results but he had very few attempts last year. Long term I still expect big things from Springer but I wouldn't draft him anywhere near where he's going.