Naked golfers playing putt-putt break world record

Not exactly your traditional golf attire. (BBC)

Have you ever sat back and thought, “Man, putt-putt golf would be a lot better if everyone was naked?” I know I have, and lucky for me, it happened. 

According to the BBC, thirty people in Southend got together to break the Guinness Book of World Record for “most naked people to play golf in one hour,” something that the CBS blog team held until these guys stole it from us. 

The exact amount of holes they finished isn’t confirmed, but this contest raised £3,000 for the Prostate Cancer Charity, so at least the naked man you see above was doing it for a good cause.

The best part of this story? Some of the quotes. 

Take it away, event coordinator Tracy Jones! 

“With them having to bend down to retrieve the balls from the holes, it made for some interesting sights."

She added: "It was certainly quite chilly down there this morning and there were quite a lot of goose bumps.

"But people very much got into the spirit of it, stripped off and got on with it."

Ahh, just like my regular Friday foursome! 

I think my editor put it best when I asked him if this story was okay to post: “thank goodness that dude’s putter is where it is in that photo.” 

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