Leaderboarding: Clemente with most right-field assists ever, by far

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Even when YouTube videos aren't the highest quality, it still comes through more often than not. For example, wanna see a ridiculous Roberto Clemente throw? Ahem:

Holy smokes. He had no momentum at all on that throw, not to mention that he didn't take any time to line himself up to ensure accuracy. He didn't need it. He was Roberto freaking Clemente, Pirates legend. He was also 36 years old that season. 

Clemente's throwing arm from right field was legendary. Even after he developed the reputation that caused players -- such as in the above clip -- to decline testing him, he still continued to throw runners out with regularity.

Witness our latest version of leaderboarding. When I went to check the all-time leaders for assists from right field -- where, generally, the best outfield arm is positioned -- I assumed he'd be at the top. He was. And it's a blowout.

Most assists from right field, MLB history

1. Clemente, 260
2. Hank Aaron, 186
3. Johnny Callison, 159
4. Dwight Evans, 155
5. Jesse Barfield, 154
6. Tony Gwynn, 149
7. Dave Parker, 137
8. Bobby Abreu, 129
9. Vladimir Guerrero, 128
10. Dave Winfield, 128

Source: Fangraphs

Only 16 men in MLB history have as many as 100 assists from right. With eight more in his career, Ichiro Suzuki could make it 17. Clemente is, however, probably safely in first for decades to come.

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