2005 commercial with Phil Jackson 'predicts' 2013 Finals Game 6

Reddit found this, and I literally shoved my chair away from the kitchen bar where I was working and walked around the living room once. Phil Jackson and a Toyota commercial predicts the 2013 Finals Game 6, right down to the Heat fans leaving. 

So, it doesn't predict what year, or anything, and it's just a crazy coincidence. Or... is it?

If you're wondering if Heat fans are ever going to live down leaving early and abandoning the team before their epic comeback in one of the greatest games in NBA history... no. No they are not. My children's children will tell the tale of the coifed fans pillowing out the exits as tape went up around the arena before Ray Allen said "no, thanks." 

But man, this just weird. It apparently came out after a massive T-Mac comeback. But still. Creepy creepiness. And that's just Phil's robe. (BA-DUM-CHING!)

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