The NBA announced updated fan voting results for the 2017 All-Star Game and not much has changed since last week's returns.

In the East, fans still want LeBron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving and DeMar Derozan to start. And in the West, fans would like to see Stephen Curry, James Harden, Kawhi Leonard Kevin Durant and Zaza Pachulia. That's right, Pachulia is still getting more fan votes than Anthony Davis, Draymond Green and DeMarcus Cousins. Pachulia actually has more votes than Leonard, Wade, Love and DeRozan.

Here are the full results:

Eastern Conference voting results

Frontcourt Votes Guards Votes
1. LeBron James, Cavaliers 1,066,147 1. Kyrie Irving, Cavaliers 971,362
2. Giannis Antetokounmpo, Bucks 963,110 2. Dwyane Wade, Bulls 514,866
3. Kevin Love, Cavaliers 473,328 3. DeMar DeRozan, Raptors 453,538
4. Joel Embiid, 76ers 457,300 4. Isaiah Thomas, Celtics 401,671
5. Jimmy Butler, Bulls 400,448 5. Kyle Lowry, Raptors 256,668
6. Carmelo Anthony, Knicks 327,716 6. Derrick Rose, Knicks 223,804
7. Kristaps Porzingis, Knicks 324,106 7. John Wall, Wizards 173,148
8. Paul George, Pacers 249,484 8. Jeremy Lin, Nets 109,088
9. Jabari Parker, Bucks 120,022 9. Kemba Walker, Hornets 105,637
10. Tristan Thompson, Cavaliers 114,759 10. Avery Bradley, Celtics 105,637

Western Conference voting results

Frontcourt Votes Guards Votes
1. Kevin Durant, Warriors 987,479 1. Stephen Curry, Warriors 990,390
2. Zaza Pachulia, Warriors 823,376 2. James Harden, Rockets 961,685
3. Kawhi Leonard, Spurs 630,766 3. Russell Westbrook, Thunder 899,024
4. Anthony Davis, Pelicans 567,201 4. Klay Thompson, Warriors 555,430
5. Draymond Green, Warriors 464,319 5. Chris Paul, Clippers 379,076
6. DeMarcus Cousins, Kings 379,225 6. Damian Lillard, Trail Blazers 208,171
7. Karl-Anthony Towns, Timberwolves 223,979 7. Eric Gordon, Rockets 191,407
8. LaMarcus Aldridge, Spurs 192,784 8. Manu Ginobili, Spurs 130,224
9. Blake Griffin, Clippers 172,393 9. Andre Iguodala, Warriors 122,333
10. Marc Gasol, Grizzlies 172,146 10. Zach LaVine, Timberwolves 94,867

Do remember that despite garnering a ton of fan support, Pachulia is a long shot to be selected as a starter. The NBA switched up the voting process this year , partly because of Pachulia's surprising success with the fan vote last season. The fan vote counts for just 50 percent of the total votes. Players and the media are voting this year and their votes both count for 25 percent each.

More on the voting process from the NBA:

Fans will account for 50 percent of the vote to determine the 10 starters for the 66th NBA All-Star Game, which will take place on Sunday, Feb. 19 at Smoothie King Center in New Orleans. All current NBA players and a panel of basketball media will account for 25 percent each, with each participant completing one full ballot featuring two guards and three frontcourt players from both conferences.

After all votes are tallied, players will be ranked in each conference by position (guard and frontcourt) within each of the three voting groups - fan votes, player votes and media votes. Each player's score will be calculated by averaging his weighted rank from the fan votes, the player votes and the media votes. The five players (two guards and three frontcourt players) with the best score in each conference will be named NBA All-Star Game starters. Fan voting will serve as the tiebreaker for players in a position group with the same score.

The media will likely vote for who they think deserves to be an All-Star, which despite his strong play is not Pachulia. Players and his teammates could vote for him but it seems unrealistic that he will be high on their ballot.

But while Pachulia likely won't be selected to the All-Star Game, at least he knows that his fans are perhaps among the most supportive in the league.