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While the free agency market has slowed down this week, the activity has been replaced by trades. First, there was the blockbuster Kawhi Leonard-DeMar DeRozan deal that shook up the NBA world on Wednesday. Then Carmelo Anthony was finally moved by the Thunder, who sent him to the Hawks in a reported three-team trade that saw Dennis Schroder go to the Thunder. Now, we have yet another deal. 

This one, however, is not quite as big. Still, it could be important moving forward. According to a report from ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, the Phoenix Suns have agreed to a deal that will send Jared Dudley and a 2021 second-round pick to the Nets in exchange for Darrell Arthur. Both players are likely to be bought out and become free agents. 

Because Arthur makes $7.4M and Dudley makes $9.5M, this trade is essentially the Nets buying a second-round pick for about $2M. That is, assuming both players get bought out. That's a solid gamble for a rebuilding team that has been short on picks in recent years, and considering the Suns' position in the West, it could be a fairly high second-rounder. There's no guarantee, but it's definitely possible to get a contributor with a pick in the late 30s. 

As for the Suns, this is just a short-term, cost-saving move. Considering the cadre of young talent they have, they may think they're already set with their core moving forward, and aren't as concerned with second-round picks over the next few years. Another thing to note here is that according to a report from Scott Bordow of the Arizona Republic, this is not a prelude to the Suns clearing out more money. Per Bordow, they will not be buying out veteran big man Tyson Chandler. 

But really, this trade is very minor for the two teams involved. Maybe the Nets will get someone who can play, but in the end this is probably a deal no one remembers. What's more interesting, is the potential buyouts of Arthur and Dudley. Both are veteran swingmen who could bring teams a little 3-point shooting and veteran leadership off the bench. And considering the lack of money contenders had this offseason, that could be pretty enticing. 

Teams like the Rockets, Lakers, Sixers and Raptors could all be circling if Arthur and Dudley enter the free-agent market soon.