VIDEO: NBA's Phantom Cam captures the Heat's 20th straight win

If you're not familiar with the NBA's Phantom Cam, it's a high definition, slow-motion camera that manages to film basketball highlights in a really cool manner. If you go on the NBA's YouTube page, you can find slow-motion replays of some of the coolest highlights in the NBA on almost a nightly basis.

This time, they've managed to capture the Miami Heat's 20th straight victory and compiled the highlights from the game into one big slow-motion video. From Mario Chalmers' sneaky double dribble at 20 seconds to the perfect rotation of Nick Young's 3-pointer at the 41-second mark, you get to see the ripple of every move like it's a T-Rex walking in the rain in Jurassic Park

One of the best captures by this camera is certainly the LeBron James double-pump reverse dunk at 1:02 into the video. It's also cool to see Jrue Holiday slip by the block attempt by James for the dunk at the 2:11 mark in the video, followed by Spencer Hawes awkwardly watching the flying hip bump by Holiday and Evan Turner.

CBS Sports Writer

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