Committee head Blank: Roger Goodell's extension negotiations moving forward

Roger Goodell's extension negotiations are moving forward as planned, according to Falcons owner Arthur Blank. After soundly routing the Cowboys on Sunday, Blank's claims insinuate that Jerry Jones isn't making much headway off the field in his reported efforts to hinder negotiations with Goodell either. Jones wants a more incentive-laden contract for the commissioner, which Goodell has staunchly opposed in reported counteroffers.

Blank is the head of the NFL's Compensation Committee, and is one of the key players in Goodell's negotiations. Jones, who was once in that group in an ad hoc role, is now alleging that Blank misled owners regarding Goodell's negotiations. Another report emerged that Goodell was asking for $50 million a year, a private jet, and lifetime health insurance. The NFL denied this report, with Daniel Kaplan adding a quote from Blank that negotiations are moving forward as expected.

"The Committee is continuing its work towards finalizing a contract extension with the Commissioner, consistent with the mandate provided in the unanimous May 2017 Resolution," Blank wrote. "Regardless of what may have been reported, the Committee is working within the financial parameters outlined to the ownership at the May meeting. The negotiations are progressing and we will keep ownership apprised of the negotiations as they move forward. We do not intend to publicly comment on our discussions."

Goodell's current contract is slated to expire in 2019. The extension, according to Sports Business Journalis to go through 2024. It was supposed to be done before the season started, but circumstances have pushed the timetable back.

Goodell has been league commissioner since 2006, and although that tenure has often been mired in controversy, most of the owners do seem to stand behind him as commissioner. Jones has threatened to sue individual owners if a deal is inked, but if Blank is to be believed, an extension is, if not imminent, in the works. 

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