LOOK: Tiny cat gets loose on field during Dolphins-Ravens and Twitter goes nuts

The Dolphins' offense wasn't the only CATastrophe on the field in Baltimore on Thursday. There was also an actual cat, which means if you're going to read on, you better brace yourself for all the cat puns you can handle. 

During the fourth quarter of the Ravens' 40-0 mauling of Miami, there wasn't much excitement happening on the field over the final two minutes until Jay CATler ran on the field. That's not his actual name, but we're going to call him that. 

Jay Catler showed up with 1:56 left in the game and was actually on the field for one play as you can see below. 

A tiny cat snuck on the field during the fourth quarter of the Dolphins-Ravens game.  NFL/CBS

Of course, the play ended with Dolphins quarterback Matt Moore throwing an inCATpletion. Maybe the Dolphins would've actually scored a point in the game if they had run the WildCAT. OK, I'll stop. 

Anyway, if we've learned one thing about the internet over the course of human history, it's that everyone loves making cat jokes, and that's exactly what Twitter did after Jay Catler ran on the field. 

We had some cat-related Colin Kaepernick jokes. 

 We had several jokes making fun of the Dolphins' offense. 

For the record, the Dolphins offense only totaled 196 yards in the game and also scored zero points, so the cat was arguably better. 

Let's move on. 

NFL Network reporter Stacy Dales filmed a hilarious video of her dog getting all riled up by the cat. 

By the way, this is why you shouldn't let your dog watch TV. My dog's allowed to play video games, but no TV ever. 

The appearance of the cat also raised some obvious questions, like, how does a cat even get through security?

The truth is, we should probably stop focusing on how the cat got in the stadium and start focusing on more important things like how we can get the cat an NFL contract. 

I think the guy below might be the cat's agent because even though Jay Catler was impressive, he's not worth $100 million. 

On the other hand, this guy definitely isn't the cat's agent. 

Finally, let's end on Tony Romo's brilliant call of the Jay Catler running across the field. 

If you're interested in the non-cat related details of the game, be sure to check out Will Brinson's takeaways by clicking here. 

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