Over the past few years, there have been some pretty legendary Twitter rants from Miko Grimes, the wife of Buccaneers cornerback Brent Grimes. She uncorked another one this week, going off on a rant against the Dolphins, Grimes' former team.

This is nothing new, per se, because Miko really doesn't like the Dolphins. She has long held issues with quarterback Ryan Tannehill (in December of 2015 she launched off on a huge rant about how terrible he is) and whoever the coach of the Dolphins was at the time, plus usually the front office as well. She also thinks the NFL hates women because it had an uncoordinated issue with Brent and a Pro Bowl practice.

Wild stuff, really. But not as wild as Sunday evening when she started bashing the Dolphins.

It began with Miko saying the Dolphins f------ stink and will continue to stink with their current crop of people in charge.

Miko is not a fan of Miami, Part 1 via Twitter

She believes everyone but Dolphins fans know this too. Brent apparently knows it, because he was going to retire until she swooped in and saved the day.

There was "no way" she was going to"let him retire with a bum at qb, gm and owner." Because of the switch to the Buccaneers, with Jameis Winston under center, hope springs eternal.

Suck it, haters.

Then it got a little weird. Miko decided to say she has to "respect Ross" -- but that's where the racist part of it comes in, with her flat-out alleging Stephen Ross, billionaire owner of the Miami Dolphins, is only keeping his GM Mike Tannenbaum around because they are both Jewish.

People probably didn't take too well to this comment, which is understandable, and she took that opportunity to remind everyone she's the "realest football wife y'all ever met."

But don't worry, Miko claims she's done with these rants once the Grimes family is in Tampa because she plans to get out of the way and let Bucs coach Dirk Koetter do his thing and coach the team.

Why won't she let things go with Miami? Because the Dolphins "tried to f--- us over."

None of this should really be a surprise. When Grimes signed his deal with Tampa, over half the story we wrote about the signing involved Miko.

During the 2015 season, Miko Grimes, who was arrested before a Dolphins game in September (the charges were eventually dropped), used Twitter to explain why Ryan Tannehill was the reason for the Dolphins' woes. Then, after Brent Grimes was released this week, she went on another NSFW Twitter rant, this time targeting Salguero. On Thursday, Bleacher Report reported that three NFL general managers wouldn't sign Brent Grimes due to Miko Grimes.

The "Salguero" in the quote above is Armando Salguero, long-time Dolphins beat writer for the Miami Herald, who has been personally threatened by Grimes (on multiple occasions).

She's a loose cannon who doesn't hold back on Twitter and it appears nothing has changed with the move from Miami to Tampa Bay.

Pray for Jameis if he doesn't come out of the gates firing and refresh her feed if the Buccaneers aren't winning.