The Indianapolis Colts had to address the looming elephant in the room before they decided to take on the remainder of Carson Wentz's contract. Prior to showcasing their interest in trading for the former Eagles franchise quarterback, Indianapolis had to make sure their former franchise quarterback, Andrew Luck, was retired for good. 

Luck has never publicly expressed a desire to return, two years after shocking the NFL world and retiring days before the 2019 season. Colts CEO Jim Irsay reiterated Luck was retired earlier this month, which NBC Sports' Peter King mentioned in his Football Morning In America column Monday. 

Here's what Irsay said about Luck with Chris Wildric of CBS4 Indianapolis two weeks prior to the Wentz deal: 

"I'll say this ... (to) Colts fans: I think (we) need to kind of really digest this fact that he's more retired now than he was a year and a half ago," Irsay said. "I mean, he is retired ... Only Andrew knows, of course, because it's his decision, but I can only say that he definitely is retired and there's really no wiggle room or anything, as much as people would like to hear that. 

"Believe me, I wish it was true and I was hiding some big announcement that could happen two days from now. But that's just not the case."

The Colts moved on to the next chapter of their franchise by trading for Wentz, sending a 2021 third-round pick and a conditional 2022 second-round pick to the Philadelphia Eagles (which can become a first-round pick if the Colts make the playoffs and Wentz plays 70% of the snaps or if Wentz plays 75% of the snaps). Indianapolis will be tasked with revitalizing Wentz's career after he finished 34th out of 35 qualified quarterbacks in completion percentage (57.4), 24th in touchdown percentage (3.7), second in interception percentage (3.4), 34th in yards per attempt (6.0), and and 34th in passer rating (72.8).  

Indianapolis has officially turned the page on Luck, hoping Wentz becomes the next franchise quarterback over the next decade.