The MLB world has been rocked by controversy in recent weeks with the Houston Astros being heavily penalized for their sign-stealing scandal. Quite a few people have taken time to mock the Astros for their involvement in the ordeal and now you can add the Philadelphia Flyers to that list.

During Tuesday's game between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Flyers, Philly's mascot Gritty was seen banging on a trash can that had an Astros logo on it. The video also shows a sign next to Gritty that reads, "Gritty learnt this from the Astros."

Gritty normally bangs on a drum at points during Flyers home games, but this is just a hilarious turn of events. Of course, the Astros had a system where someone would bang on a trash can as a signal to alert batters what type of pitch was coming when they were at the plate.

The Flyers are certainly not the first sports team to mock the Astros for their sign-stealing scandal. The Staten Island Yankees announced that they are conducting a promotion during the 2020 season in which they're giving away mini trash cans. However, the Yankees at least have reason to troll, as they have been knocked out of the playoffs by the Astors more than once in recent years. The Flyers having no connection to Houston makes this that much funnier.

Gritty has always provided an insane amount of entertainment for the things that he does on and off the ice. This may take the cake based on what has transpired with the Astros in recent weeks.

It most likely won't be the last time that someone mocks the Astros.