After one game, players talk about Marlins Park being too big

Well, this didn't take long. After just one game, there's talk of new Marlins Park being too spacious -- both from the winning team and the home team.

Lance Berkman of the Cardinals: “If they don’t move the fences in after this year, I’d be surprised. And I’m going two years as the over-under on that." (Miami Herald)

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And Logan Morrison of the Marlins: “To center and right center, it’s a little ridiculous, especially with the roof open and the windows open [as it was for the opener]. If [Stanton] says he gets a ball and it doesn’t go out, then it’s the only park in baseball that happens at. I would recommend hitting more line drives, I guess.” (Miami Herald)

Nine innings is a ludicrously small sample, but the new digs certainly seemed overly spacious in Game 1. As Morrison alluded to, Giancarlo Stanton -- as powerful a hitter as there is -- appeared to get into two balls Wednesday, but both ended up just being routine flyouts.

The dimensions aren't too bad down the lines (344 feet to left and 335 to right), but the park is awfully deep up the middle. It is 386 feet to the left-center gap, 422 to dead center and 392 to the right-center gap. And if it plays bigger than that, as Morrison seems to suggest happens with the roof open, we have our new Petco Park.

Marlins catcher John Buck, on the other hand, offered up a good perspective:

"I would say maybe a month, because it's different too because it'll change depending on the seasons, whether the winds are blowing in off the coast or out, so that could change," Buck told's C. Trent Rosecrans. "It might be this full season before you know how it plays, because our weather changes so much. Right now it's 75 with a light breeze coming in off the coast and when that hurricane season hits and it's 102 with humidity and the winds are swirling because they're coming from all directions, you never know how it's going to play."

Also worth noting: Through many of the summer months the roof will be closed, so Morrison's point about when the roof is open may end up being moot.

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