Back in 2013, the Cubs (relatively new at the time) ownership group laid out comprehensive plans to renovate Wrigley Field to the point that the old ballpark could remain the Cubs' home while offering the amenities of modern ballparks. Among the things we've seen in recent years are the two video boards, the bleachers being completely rebuilt (and everyone remembers them not being finished for the beginning of the 2015 season), and the Cubs getting a new clubhouse.

What's in the works this offseason? Uh oh, there are no seats behind home plate!

Over on the Cubs' website for the "1060 Project" there's a timeline. Listed right on there is "replacement of seats behind home plate."

Also, deeper under the seats will be work on an exclusive club called the American Airlines 1914 Club. We see areas like this in all the modern ballparks (such as what I toured in San Diego this past summer). The club itself won't be completed until opening day of the 2018 season.

Also, the project will continue to replace seats in the terrace reserved areas while making structural improvements in right field.

On the outside, the plan for the offseason includes "partial facade restoration" behind home plate. Here's a quick look:

And of course, construction on the office building, plaza and hotel running along the third-base line will continue.

The biggest difference fans who only see Wrigley on TV will notice next season is the bullpens are being moved under the bleachers. So there will no longer by any bullpen obstruction in Wrigley Field, which is quite the change.

Of course, that won't be extra grass in foul territory. Instead, the Cubs are adding more seating down each line where the bullpens used to be.

Basically, this is an ongoing, five-year project that will essentially rebuild Wrigley Field in increments and make it more like a modern facility. For those interested in what the finished product will look like, there's a page with renderings. What's really cool is that some of them are already complete and ended up pretty accurate.