LOOK: Yankees scouting report on Derek Jeter auctioned off for over $100K

Heritage Auctions reports that a scouting report on Marlins part-owner Derek Jeter sold for $102,000 on Sunday. At the time of the report, Jeter was a senior in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Dick Grouch wrote the report, in April 1992. Grouch described Jeter as a player with a "long lean sinewy body" and "electric movements." The summation was very simple. "'A Yankee!' A five-tool player will be a ML star! +5!!"

Dick Grouch was really into Jeets. But when you're right you're right. Jeter was drafted by the Yankees in June 1992. This isn't the best evaluation of Jeter. Who could forget the "hi butt" report of "young colt" Jeter.

Jeter played for the Yankees for 20 years, and became "The Captain." This scout was adamant that Jeter should be a Yankee. He wrote it on the report twice. But Jeter clearly deserved the recognition, and he's one of the most influential players in not only Yankee, but baseball history.

The report listed Jeter as a player with an above-average arm and a "very good runner," which both somehow turned out to be understatements. Shout-out to Grouch for getting it right. Now we need to see Jeter's ownership scouting report.

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