Mets reportedly leaning toward hiring old-school GM, worried about being too 'analytics driven'

We already knew the New York Mets would hire a new general manager this winter, and now we're beginning to get a sense of what they'll be looking for in their candidates.

Per the New York Post's Mike Puma, the Mets believe they might have leaned too heavily on analytics during Sandy Alderson's tenure. With that in mind, they may want more of an old-school type as their next GM:

There is thought among team officials that perhaps the Mets became too analytics driven in recent seasons under Sandy Alderson's watch, and a veteran leader with a pure baseball background would help shift the organization toward the center.

Puma mentions Gary LaRocque as someone whose name has came up so far. LaRocque used to be the Mets scouting director and has more recently served with the St. Louis Cardinals. It's unclear whether he'll actually receive an interview or consideration when the time comes, but Puma states the Mets will pay heed to Omar Minaya's voice during the search process.

There's nothing inherently wrong with hiring an old-school general manager provided that it's one who is willing to weigh all types of information. To hire an executive unwilling to consider analytics to any extent is a bad idea, however, given the direction of the league. Achieving a balance is ideal -- but remember, achieving a balance should be about making both the stats and scouting sides strong and equal, not prioritizing one above the other. If that's the Mets' intent, then perhaps this works out just fine.

Of course, given the Wilpons' reputation around the league, you can excuse anyone who is skeptical about their stated desires and how this process will play out.

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