New York Mets outfielder Michael Conforto spoke with the media earlier this week and a hot topic of conversation was a potential contract extension. On Wednesday's "Nothing Personal with David Samson," the host pointed out that a lot of what Conforto said sounded like it was coming from his agent, Scott Boras.

"Conforto said something yesterday that got my attention and now it's got yours," Samson begins.

"The way players have done bargaining historically is when they've got something to say, and owners do it too, they find someone to say it who fans will listen to where sympathy will be on the side of the player," Samson added. "Owners do the same thing. They'll choose a specific owner to be a mouthpiece for the ownership positions."

Samson called Boras a "puppeteer" and said the agent is "pulling a lot of strings with the union."

While Samson has been critical of Boras, he says, "I'll give Scott Boras credit on one thing, when he wants to get you a message to get you to support players, he knows how to do it."

Conforto gave an interview discussing competition and saying players should want all teams to try to win.

"Does that sound familiar to anybody folks? That is Scott Boras' mantra," Samson said.

"Tanking is the single worst thing for Scott Boras. When tanking succeeds it drives him to insanity," Samson added.