Under Armour reportedly will replace Majestic as MLB on-field jersey providers

Here is some big apparel-related news to kick off your week. Come the 2020 season, Major League Baseball's on-field jerseys will no longer be manufactured by Majestic -- as they have been since 2005.

Instead, MLB will team with Under Armour and Fanatics, according to Terry Lefton's report in the Sports Business Journal:

In what would mark a significant shake up in MLB's licensing business, Fanatics and Under Armour have quietly completed a deal that will see them team to produce UA-branded on-field jerseys starting with the '20 season. The deal would mean the end of MLB's longtime licensing relationship with both Nike and Majestic Athletic.

The biggest questions here are probably: 1. How much input Under Armour will have on future jersey designs?, and 2. How obtrusive will Under Armour's logo be on the jerseys?

Under Armour's football designs have sometimes been a little too nutty for baseball, a sport that tends to err on the safe and conservative side when it comes to uniform designs. (Okay, except for the Diamondbacks.) As for the second part, it's difficult to see MLB allowing Under Armour to stamp its logo on the chest or in an otherwise prominent area -- after all, New Era was only recently permitted to place its emblem on hats.

Speaking of New Era -- they will remain on as MLB's headwear manufacturer, per Lefton.

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