This scribe has already regaled you in unsolicited fashion about the need for, say, a "Five Tools Derby" to accompany the Home Run Derby during All-Star festivities. It probably won't surprise you that the Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) is well ahead of the fray when it comes to dreaming up different derby varietals.

As it turns out, KBO recently held its All-Star Game, and fans were treated to a bunt contest:

Heo Kyung-min of the Doosan Bears is your 2016 Bunt King! Bunt King! As you can see, the contest entails bunting for accuracy down the first and third base lines.

Heck, you can even watch the bunt contest in panoramic virtual reality format (use the directional keypad at top left to check things out):

Excelsior! Yes, I would watch a bunt contest featuring U.S. major-leaguers.

But wait, that's not all!

Yep, that's a "Perfect Pitcher" contest, and it entails the kind of skills one can leverage at the carnival next to the supermarket to win, say, an asbestos teddy bear.

Speaking of bears, the Doosan Bears strike again! An infielder won it!

Take note, MLB: The Home Run Derby's cool, but it's getting lonely all by itself.