WATCH: Peyton Manning throws passes at UVA graduation ceremony

Peyton Manning throws touchdown passes at Virginia. (YouTube)
Peyton Manning throws touchdown passes at Virginia. (YouTube)

Peyton Manning has proven in the past that he'll take just about any opportunity he can get to throw footballs to receivers who are either professional football players, military members in Afghanistan, or, just for the hell of it, about-to-be college graduates.

He proved that last part true Saturday when the Broncos quarterback gave a valediction speech at the University of Virginia and, in the middle of it, stopped the proceedings so he could play a little bit of football on the grounds where his wife went to college.

As Manning said, "One regret that I've always had here is that I never got to throw any football passes on this lawn. If you'll indulge me, I'm going to fulfill that dream right now."

Said Manning before he started flinging pigskin, "If you're nervous ... I understand. There is no pressure here at all. If you drop it, it will not be on YouTube, I promise you."

Start at about the 1:45 mark to see how he did. (Also  make sure to stick around until 7:45 to hear Manning tell the story about the first time he ran into the huddle as a freshman at Tennessee.)

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