Key Stats
Vital Stats
Vertical Wingspan Draft Range
31 6-7.5 23-35
  • Wright was a consensus All-American this season, showcasing great distribution skills. Defenses were unable to keep him out of the paint, as his first step is quite strong with his long strides due to his tremendous length for the point guard position. He also was an all-league defensive player, really causing some issues for opposing players. However, he's already 23, so what kind of upside does he have? Tough call for teams here.
  • Collegiate defenses couldn't keep Wright out of the paint this season, as he attacked at will and was effective at doing so. Once he gets there, he has great vision to find spot-up shooters as well as the ability to finish at the rim due to his size. If he can keep doing that, he'll have no trouble fitting in the NBA. Defensively, he has pretty excellent potential for versatility due to his size, and he guarded anyone 1-3 for Utah this season.
  • The biggest problem is that he can't shoot at all. The team that picks him will need to work with him extensively to fix his shot. It's really tough to have a point guard right now that can't shoot. Also, his age will lead to questions about his upside, and also means he'll need to make an early impact as he'll be 27 by the time his rookie deal runs out.
Career Shooting Stats
TOTAL 68236733963453.53812729.930637681.4102215
More Stats
TOTAL 6823673975.83525.21552.3771.1152
Game Log
November 2014
11/14vs. Ball StateW 90-72296-90-01-32248334213
11/18at San Diego StateL 49-53372-130-53-3178522337
11/21vs. California RiversideW 88-42254-72-23-40443102113
11/26vs. Texas-Pan AmericanW 85-48224-41-13-30112100012
11/28vs. North DakotaW 90-53307-81-18-90335001223
11/29vs. Alabama StateW 93-62308-102-26-80776021124
December 2014
12/03vs. Wichita StateW 69-68456-131-40-20667111313
12/10at Brigham YoungW 65-61376-100-36-729113122418
12/13at KansasL 60-63399-130-25-72354114123
12/20at UNLVW 59-46385-161-36-110224204217
12/23vs. South Dakota StateW 80-66307-80-13-315610202117
12/30vs. Carroll (Mont.)W 85-49234-50-01-1033700319
January 2015
01/02vs. Southern CaliforniaW 79-55274-80-03-511210211111
01/04vs. UCLAW 71-39304-80-23-30775014211
01/07vs. ColoradoW 74-49306-120-21-11016204213
01/15at Arizona StateW 76-59324-111-212-121126102121
01/17at ArizonaL 51-69344-91-21-21347201410
01/21vs. Washington StateW 86-64355-81-46-62138113017
01/25vs. WashingtonW 77-56331-61-22-2123911115
01/29at UCLAL 59-69386-90-23-42462011415
February 2015
02/01at Southern CaliforniaW 67-39314-90-23-31451113311
02/07at ColoradoW 79-51282-70-15-6077610019
02/12vs. StanfordW 75-59365-101-34-40551314215
02/15vs. CaliforniaW 76-61354-110-18-80335113116
02/19at Oregon StateW 47-37384-100-11-1279501139
02/22at OregonL 58-69406-94-74-41125203220
02/26vs. Arizona StateW 83-41215-81-11-22354133212
02/28vs. ArizonaL 57-63363-101-310-122355231017
March 2015
03/05at Washington StateW 67-59394-62-38-81788121218
03/07at WashingtonL 68-77386-110-39-91232310121
03/12vs. StanfordW 80-56347-114-42-32575031220
03/13at OregonL 64-67385-81-15-71895212216
03/19vs. Stephen F. AustinW 57-50372-70-27-80662303611
03/21at GeorgetownW 75-64372-70-08-101455211312
03/27at DukeL 57-63334-130-12-23362403210