Jackson is aiming to run less and rely more on his arm moving forward, he said during a video conference with the Ravens on Tuesday. "We're going to have even more receivers...We're going to be pretty good. I don't think I'll be running a lot," Jackson said.

Jackson's video call covered plenty of ground, including his focus on the mental aspects of the game during the offseason considering the physical limitations in place due to COVID-19. The reigning MVP also alluded to a style change in the future in which he leans more on his weapons in the passing game and lets his running backs take the brunt of the rushing workload. Jackson's athleticism makes him a nightmare to defend, but his career longevity will be extended if running is less of a staple in his game. He had 176 rushing attempts in 2019, which was nearly 70 more than the next highest number of rushes by a quarterback.

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