2014 Masters roundup: Bubba Watson wins second Masters

Bubba Watson wins his second Masters tournament. (CBS)
Bubba Watson wins his second Masters. (CBS)

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Kyle Porter's best highlights, news, Tweets, photos and other fun stuff from Sunday's final round at Augusta National. Hope you enjoy.

6:50 PM: Bubba Watson wins the 2014 Masters. | 17th golfer to win multiple Masters

6:45 PM: Fantastic way to end our four-day live blog. It's been an absolute blast this week, you guys.

6:30 PM: Fun day from Jordan Spieth but he needs to lose the "I just missed that shot by a yard but I'm going to react like I shanked it into the water" antics he learned from Tiger.

6:29 PM: The thought of Bubba Watson ever thinking he's getting too much attention is quite funny.

6:19 PM: Hah.

6:14 PM: I have dubbed him Error Jordan on this day.

6:11 PM: Well he tried to. Why is Bubba going for the green from the woods on No. 15? Does he know he's leading the Masters?

6:00 PM: Unless Bubba Watson hits it in the water 29 times on No. 15 this thing is toast. Get him fitted for that new jacket.

5:47 PM: Incredible tweet. And under pressure!

5:44 PM: This thing is over.

5:40 PM: Bubba just hit a drive LOL yards on No. 13. Baby wedge to the green. Is this thing on the edge?

5:28 PM: Man-sized bogey from Spieth on No. 12 after rinsing his tee shot. If he ends up winning this thing, that'll be the reason why.

5:13 PM: Golf shots everywhere. Spieth and Bubba just hit two crazy good shots on No. 11.

5:03 PM: Miguel Angel Jimenez just grabbed his chest and did some sort of "heart beating out of his chest" motion to the crowd. It was so glorious.

4:55 PM: Interesting insight here from Hunter Mahan:

4:54 PM: Spieth needs to turn this thing around soon. It feels like it's slipping away a little bit.

4:51 PM: This is incredible:

4:45 PM: Hating.

4:33 PM: The Masters has started:

4:23 PM: I did too:

4:21 PM: Couples into the drink on No. 11. It was fun, Fred. It always is. Until next year...

4:16 PM: Spieth has nine putts thru seven holes, which seems good.

4:09 PM: Spieth birdies No. 7, this is getting ridiculous.

4:07 PM: Matt Kuchar working on his bowling pose:

4:03 PM: This is pretty funny:

3:50 PM: "Where's Tiger?" -Zero people

3:56 PM: Bubba is playing the par 3s under par. That's not a good sign for The Kid.

3:54 PM: Spieth is basically tearing down flagsticks at this point. He's clearly submitting to the Sunday pressure.

3:43 PM: This photo of Augusta is pretty phenomenal:

3:41 PM: Yikes.

3:36 PM: Ian Poulter looks like Jonas Blixt and Rickie Fowler's closets threw up on him.

3:32 PM: Spieth just chipped in at No. 4 and led by three for a minute until Bubba made a birdie as well. This is elite stuff.

3:26 PM: Welp, all of a sudden Spieth leads by two over everyone. Kuchar just had a hideous double bogey.

3:13 PM: Kuchar joins him. This is too much to take. Rory is Rory-ing. Couples is hanging.

3:09 PM: Spieth, alone. My goodness.

3:05 PM: This is basically Jimenez saying "I give zero Fs":

2:59 PM: Do caddies have to rake the bunkers if they're on the last group of the tournament? Seems unnecessary.

2:57 PM: This was pretty hilarious:

2:55 PM: I'm not convinced Spieth is going to hit a fairway today. Missed the first two and both were ugly.

2:49 PM: Rickie is putting like his buddy Bubba did yesterday. Just three-putted the 2nd from six feet.

2:47 PM: Or not. That was a ridiculous second shot by Spieth at the first. He needed it, too, to get back on track.

2:41 PM: Spieth might be in for an 81.

2:39 PM: Final pairing is off, the 2014 Masters has almost begun.

2:30 PM: I'm already nervous. I might not make it another five hours.

2:22 PM: Fred Couples just birdied the first two holes. He's two back. This is getting real.

2:17 PM: I love players offering commentary on the tournament. Today, Luke Donald is up:

2:05 PM: Fred Couples just birdied No. 1. I don't know if the National is big enough for all the emotion. My gosh. Your thoughts, Mr. Nantz?

2:04 PM: Caroline Wozniacki ditched the pink hair. I can also barely see her face behind that ring.

2:03 PM: I see that Nantz is ALL IN on Spieth. Makes two of us.

2:01 PM: This is a fantastic shot. I love that hat:

1:59 PM: Hello, Jim.

1:44 PM: Welp, this is crazy:

1:39 PM: Bubba sandwiched his final-round 68 in 2012 with a 77 and a 78 the other two years. He's only broken par once in the final round.

1:34 PM: Some really good final round Masters stats in this Golf Channel piece.

1:22 PM: Every 17 years the "youngest Masters champion ever" record has been broken. On this date, too: 

1:13 PM: Here's Jordan Spieth on what he expects today: "I don’t think I’ve ever had a round where I’ve been nervous on every single swing, shot and putt. I’m sure that will happen (Sunday), but hopefully, I can channel it positively and stay grounded, stay cool and see what happens."

1:03 PM: This should win a green jacket:

12:57 PM: Spieth and his caddie told Bubba Watson on Saturday at the range that they'd see him in the final group on Sunday. They were joking, I think. Either way, baller.

12:55 PM: Amen Corner feed is live, about to strap in for the best six-hour ride of the year.

12:23 PM: Best day in sports? I could be talked into it..

12:04 PM: I was reading about Tiger's 1997 win last night (because of Spieth). I forgot how dominant he was. It was truly masterful stuff -- not sure we'll ever see anything like it ever again.

11:37 AM: Verne's best calls at the Masters? All of it.

11:34 AM: Cool shot of Bubba Watson on the 17th hole on Saturday:

11:26 AM: A reminder.

11:23 AM: Hello, friends. Are you ready for the greatest day of the golf season?

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