NCAA Basketball: St. Mary's at Gonzaga

For 60 basketball players, NBA Draft night is one they will never forget. Lives are forever changed as their name is uttered in the same breath by Adam Silver as the team that drafts them. But for countless others, draft night is one of heartbreak. Dozens and dozens of players spend their lives working to be drafted, only to spend an entire night before learning that dream is dead.

The road doesn't end there, however. Teams will prioritize some undrafted players as free agents. Others will sign two-way deals. Some may opt to try and improve their stock overseas.

As evidence that this isn't the end of the line, I'll pose a question: Does the name Lu Dort sound familiar? How about Fred VanVleet? (OK, two questions.) Those are but just a few widely-known names who went undrafted and have been able to find a niche in the NBA. So below, we've done an exercise identifying the top five undrafted players from this year's class based upon our final Top 100 Big Board. Some have already signed with teams as free agents, but this is a helpful exercise to reflect on to identify those who were passed by in the draft. 

1. Devon Dotson, PG, Kansas

Big board rank: 43


  • Good ball-handler with high basketball IQ
  • Superb quickness and athleticism
  • Great all-around defender


  • Shot just 30.9% from 3-point range as a sophomore
  • Not as skilled of a passer as you might expect from a player of his profile
  • Size and skillset limit him primarily to playing point guard

PRO COMPARISON: Ish Smith with better defense

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2. Killian Tillie, PF, Gonzaga 

Big board rank: 49


  • Stretch big man who can knock down 3s
  • Above-average passer for his size
  • Consistent finisher in the paint


  • Already 22 and has an injury history
  • Probably not quick enough to play the four
  • Likely peaks as a bench big in the NBA due to average rebounding and shot-blocking productivity


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3. Markus Howard, PG, Marquette

Big board rank: 51


  • One of the best volume 3-point shooters in college basketball history
  • Limitless range and confidence in shot
  • Can create space off the dribble with quickness


  • Lacks versatility as a defender due to size
  • Struggles to finish against elite rim protectors
  • High-usage player who needs to develop as a facilitator


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4. Ty-Shon Alexander, SG, Creighton

Big board rank: 55


  • Fearless 3-point shooter
  • Avoids turnovers
  • Gets steals on defense


  • Small for an NBA shooting guard
  • Inefficient 2-point scorer
  • Needs to develop as a distributor

PRO COMPARISON: Wayne Ellington

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5. Mason Jones, SG, Arkansas

Big board rank: 56


  • Supreme ability and confidence to score from all three levels
  • Possesses enough strength to guard 1-4
  • Could provide an offensive punch off the bench


  • Mediocre athleticism might hinder his efficiency against elite competition
  • Average first step could relegate him to more of a spot-up shooter role at NBA level
  • There are questions about his defensive motor

PRO COMPARISON: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

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