NBA reportedly facing significant hurdles to lower age limit, end one-and-done

Jeffrey Swinger / USA TODAY Sports

The NBA and NBPA have reached an impasse in ongoing talks to lower the league's age limit to 18. The deadlock comes, according to ESPN, because of a disagreement on the league's desire to attach two conditions to an agreement that would effectively end the one-and-done draft era.

The first of those conditions is a desire from NBA commissioner Adam Silver to require player agents furnish all teams with medical information on prospective draft prospects. The second: The league is pushing for a mandate that players attend the NBA combine, though the level of participation it hopes to receive is yet to be determined.

Lowering the league's age limit appears to be an inevitability, as the NBA pushes for a pre- one-and-done policy that would again allow high school seniors to jump from preps to the pros. When that may come, however, is still being worked out. According to ESPN the NBA hopes it will reach agreement with the NBPA beginning with the 2022 draft, making possible a "double draft" -- one that consists of not only elite high school prospects but also one-and-done players who just missed the preps-to-pros cut.

The G League this week, the NBA's developmental league, announced an alternative to those elite high school prospects in the interim while the current policies are still being shuffled. Its new professional path offers $125,000 contracts to upper talent in graduating high school players, which can serve as a one-and-done alternative for those who wish to skip college and pursue their professional career under the NBA's system.

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