High school player gets a signed Mike Evans jersey after accidental text from Buccaneers

Prior to the 2018 NFL Draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were attempting to set up a post-Pro Day meeting with a potential prospect from Ohio State. A member of the team's staff texted that player in order to confirm that meeting was happening ... but they texted the wrong person. 

The staff member got the phone number wrong, and ended up texting high school football player Justin Deeds. Deeds, who would love to play for the Bucs but is not yet eligible for the draft, told the team of their mistake instead of setting up the meeting for himself. 

As a thank you, the Bucs offered to give him whatever he wants. Deeds asked for a signed Mike Evans jersey, and this week, he got it in the mail. 

That jersey looks like it's got a glow-in-the-dark aspect to it, which is pretty damn cool. And all because of an accidental text message. Lucky kid. 

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