WATCH: New York radio host declares hatred for basic math, Giants offensive line

There are a few things you should know about radio host Don La Greca: He has been watching football for 40 years, his eyes work perfectly fine and he DOESN'T NEED YOUR STINKIN' MATH, NERDS!

That was the general gist of an epic rant from La Greca on "The Michael Kay Show" this week, during which he blasted the Giants for having one of the worst offensive lines he has ever seen. La Greca was particularly irked that football analysts felt the need to use statistics and math to illustrate the team's incompetence when his eye test works just fine. 

So, he went scorched earth on the Pythagorean theorem.

I'm not much of a math guy myself, but I would really like to know what the Pythagorean theorem ever did to hurt La Greca so bad. There are far more complex, insufferable math traps out there. Like, it's a concept every high schooler has to learn. I also have no idea how it could ever really apply to football analysis. 

The more I think about it, I'm not sure La Greca even knows what the Pythagorean theorem is.

But that's OK, because -- again -- his eyes work just fine, and they tell him that the Giants offensive line STINKS. Back to your National Geographic magazines, you pervy nerds. 

Pete Blackburn is from Boston, so there's a good chance you don't like him already. He has been a writer at CBS Sports since 2017 and usually aims to take a humorous and light-hearted approach to the often... Full Bio

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