Now Corey Crawford's regular pads have gone missing

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Either the Chicago Blackhawks equipment staff is suddenly very forgetful or somebody in the Chicagoland area is putting together quite the goalie equipment collection.

Blackhawks goalie Corey Crawford had a mask made specifically for the Stadium Series game on Saturday against the Pittsburgh Penguins. However before the game it was nowhere to be found -- and is still missing -- so he had to go with the usual white mask on his black jersey and his black pads. He clashed.

The clashing will continue because now his pads are missing too. Not the black ones he wore on Saturday but his white pads. Seriously.

And Crawford should be mad. Those are his regular pads we're talking about, the pads he wears all the time. Of course that's going to make a starting NHL goaltender furious.

This is getting a little ridiculous. How a goalie's equipment can be stolen -- apparently -- like this is rather amazing. As we all know goalies are pretty particular and equipment like this is usually kept close and safe.

It would be fun to think it's a prank but you can probably rule that one out. It's one thing to have a little fun but to take a goalie's mask before playing a huge game would cross that line. So the idea of Kaner the Thief would be kind of funny, it probably wouldn't go over well.

From now on, Crawford's equipment might need to be kept under lock and key. They have to find some way to keep the Blackhawks Bandit at bay.

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