Clemens-Piazza broken bat goes for $47.8K in auction

Back in the 2000 World Series, Yankees starting pitcher Roger Clemens got Mets catcher Mike Piazza to foul off an offering, resulting in a broken bat. The barrel ended up in Clemens' proximity and he fired it in the direction of Piazza.

Here's the footage:

Of course, the always-truthful Clemens said he thought it was the ball -- and given that pitchers pretty much always would throw the ball at the hitter and not to first base (right?), I'm inclined to believe him. It just makes so much sense and who are any of us to argue with such sound logic from a known truth-teller like the Rocket?

Anyway, an anonymous bidder has purchased the broken bat for $47,800, per Apparently the bat was headed for the dumpster after the game but then-Yankees strength coach Jeff Mangold saw it and decided to grab it.


Former Yankees strength coach Jeff Mangold, who sold the bat, said in an interview this month that he noticed immediately after that World Series Game 2 ended that Piazza's broken bat was headed for the trash and thought it was too meaningful to be thrown away.

So Mangold said he took it home and displayed it in his home office for 13 years.

He said the sawed-off barrel of Piazza's Mizuno Pro bat still has Yankee Stadium dirt stuck in its end because, after Clemens threw it toward Piazza while he was running down the first-base line, the bat took a few bounces before getting stuck in the grass.

"I've had it for 13 years, mainly in the office here at the house," said Mangold, of Oakland, N.J. "It's time for it to move on."

Mangold said he decided to sell it now to help pay for his children's college tuition. He also said he planned to make a contribution to the CJ Foundation for SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), saying that he lost a daughter at just 21/2 months old in 1991.

For any sports fan with a man cave, I'd have to venture that owning that bat would be a pretty cool thing. Kudos to the person who purchased it. Many of us are envious.

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