Watch Now: MLB Owners Have Call Today To Discuss 2020 Season (4:59)

Back in December, Gerrit Cole signed a record-breaking $324 million deal with the New York Yankees, surprising many and leaving fans of NY counting down the days until they saw him pitching in pinstripes. Yankees fans were expecting to be cheering him on and lining up at stadium pro shops to buy a No. 45 jersey, but what's happened since has been the complete opposite of any expectations.

The coronavirus pandemic halted sports around the world, and even when baseball fans thought their sport would be coming back soon, tensions between players and owners has stopped the progress of returning.

Baseball fans are itching for any sign of a return, even if it's as small as an 11-second video. Any glimmer of hope is appreciated these days.

Cole posted a video of him driving up to, and practicing at, Yankee Stadium.

He set the video to "Empire State of Mind" by Jay Z and Alicia Keys and captioned it, "Baseball state of mind."

Even to a Boston Red Sox fan, hearing the sound of a baseball hit a glove has to be music to their ears.

MLB fans have been waiting anxiously for a finalized plan to resume, hoping an entire season doesn't pass by with their star player wasting a year of their prime.

Yankee fans can breathe at least a slight sigh of relief seeing Cole putting in work in his new home stadium.