Kate Upton blasts Cy Young voters after Justin Verlander finishes second

Wednesday night, the BBWAA named Red Sox right-hander Rick Porcello the winner of the 2016 AL Cy Young award. He beat out Tigers righty Justin Verlander in the second-closest Cy Young vote in history.

Verlander actually received more first-place votes than Porcello -- way more; in fact, it was 14-8 -- but Porcello won because he had a huge edge in second-place votes (18-2). Also, two voters left Verlander off their five-spot ballot entirely.

I'm sure Verlander was disappointed to lose out on his second career Cy Young, especially by such a small margin when he had more first-place votes. Supermodel Kate Upton, Verlander's fiancée, is pretty mad about it too. She took to Twitter to express her outrage:

For the record, I would have had Verlander on my ballot if I had a Cy Young vote. I don't think it's completely indefensible to leave him off given all the quality pitching in the AL, but yeah, he probably should have appeared on all 30 ballots.

For what it's worth, Verlander doesn't appear too upset himself:

With those last two ballots, Verlander would have needed one of the following to happen to overtake Porcello and win the Cy Young:

  • One first-place vote.
  • One second-place vote plus a second-, third-, or fourth-place vote.
  • Two third-place votes.

No combination of fourth- or fifth-place votes would have done it. Verlander needed to come in pretty high on those last two ballots to win the award.

Alas, there is no need for a recap. The math works in Porcello's favor, and Verlander fell just short of his second career Cy Young. Tough luck.

Oh, and shout out to Noah Syndergaard for sliding into Upton's mentions:

Smooth, Noah.

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