You may now purchase this umpire's 1995 ejection report on Paul Molitor

News hook: Paul Molitor was recently named manager of the Twins. That brings us to this, in which "this" is umpire Al Clark's 1995 ejection report on Mr. Molitor, then DH for the Blue Jays (available for purchase at Pristine Auction!) ... 

First inning! For what it's worth, this appears to be the game in question

In any event, the discerning observer will note a single redacted word within the document above. I myself have undertaken said redaction because said word is objectively naughty and capable of corrupting the doe-eyed readers of this space.

While I'm no handwriting expert, I do write in a buffoon's crude scrawl. As such, I feel sanctioned to transcribe a portion of what you see above ... 

"[Something] batter Paul Molitor was called out on appeal of a half swing. He protested initially by stepping backward out of the batter's box while tossing his bat with both hands over his back toward the [something, possibly a numerical code for TOR] bench. He immediately proceeds to yell at 1st base umpire Greg Kosc, 'You suck, you f***ing suck.'

He was ejected immediately."

Excelsior! Obviously, Paul Molitor showed managerial mettle even as a player. He'll do just fine. 

(Wink of CBS eye: @Brandon_Warne)

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