LeBron James: 'I need to do more because what I'm doing isn't enough'

What more can LeBron James do?.  (USATSI)
What more can LeBron James do? (USATSI)

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SAN ANTONIO -- Miami Heat forward LeBron James said Saturday that he hasn't looked at his stats for the NBA Finals because Miami is down 3-1 to the San Antonio Spurs and put the onus on himself to lift the Heat out of what is historically an insurmounable deficit. 

"I've been telling myself I need to do more," James said. "Is it too much to ask myself? I don't know. I don't know. I need to do more because what I'm doing isn't enough. You know, it's just what I put on myself."

James is averaging 27.5 points, 7.3 rebounds, 3.8 assists, 4.5 turnovers, 2.3 steals and shooting 60 percent from the field through four games against San Antonio.

When asked what his teammates, who have struggled mightily as Miami has been pushed to the brink of elimination, need to do, James was supportive.

"I just want my teammates to be themselves, man," he said. "You know, I feel like I need to do more, too. It's how I am. My teammates are everything. Obviously I wouldn't be sitting up here ... without them.

"You know, and they've been there all year, and I still believe in them. The guys that are struggling, I believe they're going to have a big game tomorrow. The guys that haven't been in a rhythm, I feel like tomorrow's going to be the best rhythm they've been in. Tomorrow might be the game where I need to be picked up like I was in Game 1 where I caught a cramp. I believe in them, and I ride with them no matter what."

Dwyane Wade, who shot 3 of 13 in Game 4, said he came into the gym in Miami on the Heat's off day Friday just to "smell the gym" and "get a feel for the ball." Wade downplayed any impact injury could have had on his performance. 

"It's like I said," Wade said, "when you shoot 3 for 13, they can point at anything. I'm fine. Way better than I've been in a long time. There is nothing I point out at all. Last year I had one leg and did all right. So I'm totally fine, man. I didn't play well in Game 4. Has nothing to do with my health at all."

No team has ever come back from a 3-1 deficit to win the NBA Finals, something that James and Heat coach Erik Spoelstra listed as an opportunity to do something historic. 

"What we talked about is we're not so entitled or jaded that we're above having to fight for it, and that's what it is right now," Spoelstra said. "It's competition. So we've got to find a way to fight and get this next game, and that's what it's all about."

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