NBA Playoff Machine: Sat., May 11

We tip off the 21st day of the 2013 NBA playoffs with our Playoff Machine coverage of the second round. Here you'll find updating images, analysis, reactions, video and more from the action on Saturday. This post will update regularly with news, analysis and hilarity, so keep coming back, campers.

Thunder-Grizzlies series tied 1-1 | Game 3 Preview

Knicks-Pacers series tied 1-1 | Game 3 Preview

(10:53 p.m. ET)

Game recap -- The Pacers won 82-71. It was ugly. The game wasn't very fun, as you might be able to figure by the lack of GIFs or videos in here. There wasn't anything to do, unless you wanted a rolling video of back iron jumpers over and over.

But the Pacers now lead 2-1. They got it done with impressive defense that limited the Knicks to just 11 3-point attempts. Typically, that's what the Knicks make from deep. But the Pacers hammered the ball to Hibbert and just relied on the Knicks to not make ridiculous shots. Effective game plan, executed to perfection.

(9:22 p.m. ET)

Halftime update -- So, that wasn't pretty. Or all that compelling. The Pacers lead 36-33, and while their defense is stingy and the Knicks are struggling, the story is mostly how bad these teams are playing offense. Nobody is knocking anything down, and there aren't any transition opportunities. 

The style and pace definitely favors the Pacers though. They seem to be baiting the Knicks into a lot of isolation offense, and are defending the 3-point line extremely well. The Knicks will need to hit some contested jumpers to break this Pacer defense down. 

On the other side, who's going to score for Indiana down the stretch? David West seems to be that guy, but he's got a little foul trouble, which could be a problem. 

This game is ugly. But so far, effective for the Pacers.

(8:15 p.m. ET)

Game recap -- The Memphis Grizzlies are the first team in the second round to take care of their home-court advantage in Game 3. After watching the Chicago Bulls and Golden State Warriors mess up Game 3s on their home court Friday night, we saw the Grizzlies grind out a victory Saturday afternoon. Marc Gasol carried the Grizzlies with 20 points, 16 of them coming in the second half. The fourth quarter was an ugly one for Memphis, as it shot 35.3 percent from the field and had seven different guys score, with nobody making more than one basket. 

However, the Thunder just couldn't get any consistency all game. Kevin Durant missed two big free throws, Derek Fisher pulled up from 35 feet late in the game, and Serge Ibaka still hasn't given his team anything to think he's going to contribute in this series. Durant had 25 points, 11 rebounds, and five assists, but once again it wasn't enough to pull out a victory for his team. He made 9 of 19 from the field and the rest of the team shot just 33.3 percent. He has to get some help if they hope to send it back to OKC tied 2-2.

(6:59 p.m. ET)

Reggie Jackson high-stepping his way to a touchdown, er, layup.  

(6:49 p.m. ET)

J.R. Smith is a game-time decision, says Mike Woodson. Smith was running a 102 fever earlier in the day. Via the New York Times, Smith was warming up pregame. 

(6:33 p.m. ET)

Here is the Oklahoma City Thunder shot chart from the first half with Kevin Durant and then without Kevin Durant. Other than Durant's shots, something is definitely missing here but I just can't put my finger on it.

(6:14 p.m. ET)

Halftime update: Somehow, the Thunder lead at the break, 45-44. Kevin Durant is keeping on with his brilliant play, scoring 16 on 6-8 shooting, with four assists. And he's getting little help. Serge Ibaka can't make anything -- he's missed two dunks! --  but Kevin Martin and Reggie Jackson chipped in a bit with 18 combined points. 

The Grizzlies' top scorer is Tony Allen (11 points) and they've uncharacteristically turned the ball over and settled for a lot of jumpers. Mike Conley was inconsistent, Marc Gasol only played 14 minutes, and outside of some jumpers from Jerryd Bayless, the bench didn't do much. 

The Thunder lead in points in the paint at the break with 26 to Memphis' 20. Things are breaking the Thunder's way right now, despite them seeming to play really poorly, other than of Durant. 

(5:50 p.m. ET)

Kevin Durant, coast to coast. Whoa boy.  

via @SBNation

(3:20 p.m. ET)

J.R. Smith has a fever and might be limited if he even plays at all. Though Carmelo Anthony says Smith will play regardless.

(3:15 p.m. ET)

Referee assignments: Ken Mauer, Ed Malloy, Tom Washington

(3:15 p.m. ET)

Referee assignments: Mike Callahan, Tony Brothers, Zach Zarba

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