WATCH: Shaq and Charles Barkley take Hot Pepper Challenge, provide extra burn

Charles Barkley eats a pepper for the Hot Pepper Challenge. TNT

Two months after he coughed up a spicy chip and went frantically in search of milk, Shaquille O'Neal returned to hot-food form alongside Charles Barkley this week, conquering the Hot Pepper Challenge on the set of "Inside the NBA."

Started as a fundraiser for the ALS Association, the challenge tasks participants with consuming a hot pepper to raise awareness for Lou Gehrig's Disease -- the more money donated, the less spicy pepper required. And after Rachel Nichols, Paul George and Jackie MacMullan of "The Jump" crew put Chuck and Shaq on the clock, the latter two obliged for a chance at redemption.

Provided with peppers by the "Inside the NBA" crew, they proceeded to take their shot -- and find nothing but net:

Some highlights:

  • Shaq wastes no time diving into the pepper, clearly in an attempt to erase memories of his chip conundrum from November.
  • Despite his occasional cringes, Barkley cruises past the challenge so smoothly that he's literally requesting more peppers by the end of the segment: "Are you kidding me? I could eat a whole meal of these little things ... Next time, bring more! This thing ain't even hot."
  • Barkley finds time to throw shade at Paul George, calling him "Petty Paul" for even daring to challenge Shaq.

The real highlight, of course, came after the peppers had already been swallowed, when Barkley responded to Shaq's decision to challenge ESPN's Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe as Hot Pepper Challenge contestants.

"I like Shannon," Barkley agreed, before suggesting a brand new challenge. "[But] the only thing I want to do is put my foot up Skip's ass."

Think he was joking? This was Chuck's face immediately afterward:

Charles Barkley on the set of 'Inside the NBA.' TNT

"That would be a good challenge!" he continued. "I ain't never gonna like Skip Bayless. Never."

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