WATCH: Sick child's special request for LeBron? Posterize Lonzo Ball

LeBron James has been perfectly kind toward Lonzo Ball, and he doesn't seem to believe that he deserves a lot of the hate he gets. But, when a sick kid asks you dunk over Lonzo Ball, you dunk over Lonzo Ball. One of Ball's youngest haters commissioned a hit on Lonzo from LeBron James, and LeBron seems all too happy to oblige.

LeBron and the Cavaliers face off against Lonzo's Lakers on Thursday night. If you're wondering what a commissioned LeBron poster looks like, it's a little something like this:

Or this.

Basically, Lonzo had better hope that he's right, and if he sees LeBron screaming down the lane he'd better duck. Bad things happen to brave people, and if LeBron is doing this as a favor for someone he's going to follow through.

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