Ex-Pro Bowl tight end lists key differences between Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady

Martellus Bennett is one of the few players in NFL history who has gotten the chance to catch passes from both Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady, so when it comes to comparing the two quarterbacks, he's probably more qualified to give an opinion than almost anyone. 

So what does the former Pro Bowl tight end think of Brady and Rodgers? 

Bennett was actually asked that question during an appearance on "The Doug Gottlieb Show" this week, and let's just say, he gave a pretty interesting answer.  

"I think that no one has more arm talent than Aaron," Bennett said, via ESPN.com. "Aaron can do pretty much anything with the ball. I feel like Tom is really precise, easier to play with. I'd say [it was] easier to play with Tom than anybody else."

If you're scoring at home: Rodgers has a more impressive arm, but Brady is easier to play with. 

Although Bennett has compared the two quarterbacks before, he's never been that specific with his comparisons. It seems that retirement has really opened him up. 

Bennett definitely picked a good week to list Brady as the player who's "easier to play with," and that's because Rodgers probably lost a few points in that department earlier this week. After a practice on Wednesday, the Packers quarterback publicly reamed several teammates for a "piss poor performance" during a scout team session. 

According to Bennett, the thing that makes Brady such a great teammate is his ability to communicate with his receivers. 

"He just makes the game easy, like what he expects, where he wants you to be, and where he's putting the ball. It's just repetition," Bennett said. "He does so many repetitions with you, whether it's mental reps, physical reps, or walk-through, he's always letting you know. He communicates the best of what he expects."

Although Brady doesn't have Rodgers' arm talent, he makes up for it in other ways. 

"The communication between him and the receiver is probably on the highest level of what you like to do, what he likes to throw," Bennett said. "If he sees something, if you ask him to do something, he'll try it, and he's like, 'Oh yeah, let's go with that.'"

Of course, it's also possible that Bennett likes Brady more because he won a Super Bowl with him. In 2016, Bennett caught 55 passes for 701 yards and seven touchdowns during a season where the Patriots would go on to beat the Falcons 34-28 in Super Bowl LI. 

Even though Bennett was complimentary of Brady during the interview, he wouldn't take the bait when he was asked to name the best quarterback he's ever played with. During his career, Bennett caught passes from Tony Romo, Eli Manning and Jay Cutler, along with Brady and Rodgers 

Bennett announced his retirement in March after 10 seasons in the NFL

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