NFL could tweak (but not change) Calvin Johnson no-catch rule

Dez Bryant and the Cowboys were robbed of a catch in the playoffs.  (Getty Images)
Dez Bryant and the Cowboys were robbed of a catch in the playoffs. (Getty Images)

Good news: The NFL could tweak the current "what does and doesn't constitute a catch" rule that most recently made an appearance in the Cowboys-Packers playoff game.

Bad news: There are no plans to overhaul the controversial rule.

“There will not be a rule change proposed for catch/no catch, just possibly a tweak of the language,” a source told the Washington Post's Mark Maske.

The plan, as Maske tells it, is to "rework the language of the rule." As PFT notes, that would apparently make the rule easier for players, coaches and fans to understand. Of course, if that still means that neither Dez Bryant nor Calvin Johnson made a legal catch, those same players, coaches and fans will remain frustrated by a rule that doesn't make a lot of sense.

Either way, Rams coach and competition committee member Jeff Fisher was asked about all this last month.

"There will be a discussion (about the rule)," he told's Peter King at the time, before adding: "It's going to be difficult to change it -- particularly because of the standard and replay. It's one of those areas where I think we have two standards. The bang-bang on-the-field call and then the replay standard, where it's frame-by-frame-by-frame. I just think that we have to have a rule that is defined -- that's a bright line -- so it can be officiated. And I think we have that with the catch now."

Put another way: Don't get your hopes up, people.

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