Morehead State transfer Mayfield indicted on robbery charges

DeMario Mayfield, a former player at Charlotte and current one at Morehead State, has been indicted on charges for conspiracy to armed robbery. The news comes via a report from the Charlotte Observer.

Mayfield, who began is basketball career at George, and 25-year-old Ricardo James Crawford -- a former Georgia football player, were arrested on May 27 in Athens, Ga., after they were caught with guns, gloves and masks in the middle of the night.

Arrest warrants say officers found a cellphone that was used to send a text message “that indicated a theft had or was about to take place.” Police noticed the car at about 2:30 a.m. because it made a sharp turn into a neighborhood that police describe as vulnerable to burglaries because many college students who live there were away for the summer break.
Officers ran the car’s tag number and found that the registration was expired. Police followed as the car turned off its headlights, drove down an alley and parked behind some apartments. Officers approached the car and saw a clown mask by Mayfield’s feet and a gun wedged between his leg and the seat. A furry hat lay on the floor next to Crawford’s feet. Officers also found two pairs of latex gloves, a drawstring bag, a marijuana bud, a second handgun and a bag holding a magazine loaded with 9 mm bullets.

The charges, according to the indictment, also include possession of marijuana and loitering or prowling. Mayfield is currently free on $11,200 bond. In 2012, he was charged with marijuana possession, a misdemeanor.

It does not paint a pretty scene for Mayfield. After playing 18 games for the 49ers last season, he was kicked off the team in late February, an action stemming from a suspension that took place in late January over a violation of athletic department guidelines.

Before that, his 11.7 points per game led the team.

Morehead State has not yet commented on Mayfield's indictment.

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