The Giants have been granted the first upheld protest in MLB since 1986. Their Tuesday night contest with the Cubs, which was called in the fifth inning because of rain and tarp problems, will be played to completion on Thursday in Wrigley Field starting at 4:05 pm local time. 

Here's a look at what happened ... 

And here's the official statement:

So the game will pick up in the bottom of the fifth inning with the Cubs' batting and holding a 2-0 lead. Since the Giants are very much in contention, this is of course welcome news for the visitors. 

As noted, this is the first upheld protest since the Pirates objected to a rain-shortened loss to the Cardinals on June 16, 1986. That's among the more interesting upheld protests we took a look at in this very space some time ago

Per Retrosheet, the Giants' upheld protest resulting in a resumed game is just the 15th such occurrence on record.