Just because: Bobby Grich pours beer on a very important head

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On Sept. 25, 1979, the California Angels topped the Royals at home by a score of 4-1 and in doing so clinched the first division title in franchise history. Or, as the AP termed it ... 

Their "first title of any kind"! Anyhow, the triumph put Angels second baseman Bobby Grich -- a criminally underrated player who ought to be in the Hall of Fame -- in the mood for frolicsome revelry and the testing of social boundaries. Witness his undaunted boldness ... 

(Photo: LA Daily Mirror)

The eyes do not deceive: That's (then former) President Richard Nixon, and that's a frothy head on the head of a former head of state!

It's one thing to douse members of the media or managers or maybe even GMs in wholesome, nutritious alcohol. It's something else altogether to poor beer on the top floor of someone who has diplomatic immunity and a license to kill (that's true of former presidents, right?). 

Anyhow, as the San Luis Obispo Tribune and Telegram notes, President Nixon was at the time of this photo -- more than five years after his resignation -- living in San Clemente, not far from the Angels' digs, and he grew up even closer to Anaheim Stadium. Nixon was also an abiding sports fan, so that he'd turn up at such a game wasn't at all surprising. What may have been surprising is that Grich christened him in such a way. 

(Wink of CBS eye: Reddit Baseball)

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