The Miami Marlins at the moment are in last place in the NL East and on pace to threaten 100 losses for the season. Given that they traded away the entirety of one of baseball's best outfields -- plus assorted other pieces -- last offseason, the struggles aren't surprising. What's also not surprising is that they rank last in MLB in attendance by a wide margin. 

Part of those struggles when it comes to drawing fans to the ballpark has to do with the out-of-the-way location of Marlins Park, the lack of convenient public transit, and the less-than-ideal parking situation around the stadium. Another part of it, though, is that people just aren't enthusiastic about the Marlins right now. When it comes to drumming up interest -- pun will soon be revealed as intended -- the Marlins have an idea ... 

Hey, this is a pretty cool idea -- especially cool if a steel drum is involved. This takes an obvious cue from World Baseball Cup games, in which rooting styles typically involve dancing, props, and noisemakers. By extension, it's evocative of some international soccer matches. Given the very diverse and global population of Miami and environs, this decision makes a lot of sense. It also sounds pretty fun. If you'd rather watch the game under more staid conditions, then you of course don't have to sit in that particular section. 

Obviously, it's winning that brings fans to the park, but flourishes like these certainly don't hurt. This is good decision from a team and ownership group that hasn't made too many of those in recent times.