Marlins president David Samson first person voted off 'Survivor''s SURVIVOR page

Well, that didn't last long.

Marlins president David Samson is the second MLB-related personality in the past few years to be on the hit CBS show "Survivor" -- after Hall of Fame hopeful Jeff Kent. Kent lasted through a good portion of his season before finally being ousted, but Samson didn't make it through one vote.

Samson's undoing was trying to play too hard, too fast. He immediately tried to oust the person on his tribe who he figured would be the biggest threat to him down the line -- he likened it in his closing video to being the first inning of a baseball season -- instead of staying within the cliched "take it one day at a time" mantra.

"He tried to take out the guy he thought was the big gun and it came back to haunt him," said host Jeff Probst ( "But I loved that he made such a big move so early on. It showed that he came to win. We hated to see him go so soon. He was someone we absolutely loved having on the show and really hoped he would last a long time."

Still, had Samson lied in the weeds initially, he would have found that the guy he wanted gone (a poker player named Garrett) would shoot himself in the foot. Because Garrett was the next person eliminated after a series of mind-boggling "moves."

The quick impressions on Samson showed someone who was self-confident (to the point of conceit at some times -- at least that's how he came off to me) but also probably overthought things for so early in the game. Once blindsided in the vote, he was very gracious and hasn't been a poor sport in the ensuing interviews in the least -- and many voted out as he was lash out in childish fashion. So kudos to him for that.

Anyway, this is a baseball blog so I'll spare the rest of the Survivor-related details (I couldn't help at least offering a few as I'm a huge fan of the show).

The main point is that Marlins president David Samson was the first player eliminated from Survivor.

Here's his "day after" video:

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