During a game between the Chicago Cubs and Pittsburgh Pirates on Thursday, baseball fans got to see a play they probably have never witnessed before. David Samson, host of the podcast "Nothing Personal with David Samson" discussed the play on Friday's episode saying he was flabbergasted by what happened.

Before we dive into commentary on the play, it's one you have to see for yourself. Take a look:

Samson discussed the play, saying :

"I'm talking about a play in 18 years I've never seen and it happened last night. Eighteen years in the game, not one time have I seen it. I'm not sure I've seen it in my 45 years on this green Earth ... Never seen a play like that ... I don't think we'll ever see it again."

To sum it up, Javier Báez turned a routine, inning-ending groundout into a run thanks to the help of the Pirates defense.

"All the Pirates had to do was get Baez out and the runner from third's run would not be counted ... The pirates don't know this rule, is that possible?" the podcast host asks. "...All he had to do was touch first base," he says.

Samson notes that when he was president of the Miami Marlins, they started spring training with the rules of baseball, to avoid situations like this one. Maybe the Pirates will be reviewing the rulebook this weekend.